Yeah .... I have been fascinated with the new forum, with so much tweaks left. However i must appreciate the support i get from the members is awesome. today i did the category rearrangements on the main page, at last they are now placed the way i would like to see. Am sure many members too would have noticed the categories were not properly set.

Communities, SMT,SMN etc earlier they were in alphabetical order.

Thats weird

Sent out few shouts to our members in the former TEC, as i dont see them active in the new place.

THe old site might be going to the graveyard in months or so.... THats so sad

Good thing was, i was able to fix the Events matter.... Should be good to have it though.

Also i feel there is an improved tweak to the calendar... will have to do a bit of research before putting my hand to it.

We have got 30+ members withing 3 + days thats fantastic.

Tried the Google Analytics ... not sure if it was properly set.

Will have to check when time permits.

In the CSE whats happening... looking forward to see the Big State Funds come in .....

If you sense they are involved give us a shout....

Have a Blessed Day

Smiling SHARK