Is your stock market results disappointing ?
What can you do about it. Can you change it, by controlling the market direction. you cant ?
so then why bother.
Why think of it all the time. spend more time with your family and friends, talk to your neighbors, relations. give more attention towards your family and children.
why sleep so late and wake up in the morning just before market opens for the day. put your mind and soul into other areas of your interest. seek satisfaction though seeing how your kids grow, help them with their studies. have a well balanced life giving attention to your loved ones unconditionally. stock investment is not something you should glare on to the monitor day in day out. dont take that pressure, as its only one of many things that shape your future.
but do little things that you have control of it. try to do things right, dont let margins determine your future course. reduce margin credits either by selling gradually and or by increasing your funding, ensuring you have sufficient money for immediate use say for the next 1 year or so.
do you think the situation/investment sentiment will improve, or worsen ... in the distant near future. reduce your exposure to the newspapers and media etc.... they have negative feeds because thats what humans wants to hear... problems as if they have no solutions.
do you think the politicians are bothered about what retailers go through in CSE. Because they have much more complications than us. They are bothered to ensure how to stay in power come next election.

There is time for everything.
When the time is on our side, we take the right decision.

Until then lets play safe, it is as if we are playing a test match.

Dont indulge much on what the politicians say...... Lets go with our gut feeling. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt.

I have stopped listening to a lot of them except few intelligent ones, but those intellectuals thinking dont go parallel to us, as they look at the bigger picture.

Thats why there is no section for politics in new TEC forum.

So how can we stay positive in this current situation.

By Constantly feeding negative news do you think it will heal the wounds of many retailers! or else

By understanding the situation, we let our members reduce their trading exposure.

And increase the knowledge how to invest wisely.

That is the need of the hour.

This is the time we bring out our contrarian strategy to good use.

And bring in the FIB strategy to go hand in hand.

share with our members articles on companys that have well defined strategies to meet future challenges and demands for their products.

companys that have plans to go global will eventually have the edge to bring mammoth growth.

So i earnestly request all the seniors to be more pragmatic and conscious of different mindsets.

There are more members just come here to get clues, and if we are not sensitive to their aspirations, they will leave the CSE forever.

Hence collectively we are responsible especially at this moment of the hour.

As i said ASPI and S&P are only a number.... if we harp on ASPI and S&P at record lows, we could also miss on the great opportunities.

Since 2015 to date ASPi dropped from 7300 to 5975.... in this period there were opportunities if we had done our home work.

Therefore lets spend time on identifying glittering GEMS underneath. Only if we spend little bit more effort.

Lets move forward as one.

And make TEC to be in forefront of all the possible leads.