Month of September

2012-09 - Gain +786 Points (Preceding Month was GREEN)
2013-09 - Negative -31 Points (Preceding Month was RED)
2014-09 - Gain 218 Points (Preceding Month was GREEN)
2015-09 - Negative -256 Points (Preceding Month was RED)
2016-09 - Gain 2 Points (Preceding Month was GREEN)
2017-09 - Gain 46 Points (Preceding Month was RED)
2018-09 - ? (Preceding Month was RED)

Support 6000 at WMA150, should see the ASI move from 6080 closing in August towards 6500 RES.
The consolidation box is forming between 6000-6700... so any upside or downside should have a Range of 700 points +/-

I am being Bullish biase, with technicals supporting my conviction.
RSI stand below 40, could have more room for upside without becoming over-bought.
MACD is negative territory, however i see a positive divergence, is still intact.
DMI showing a slight recovery on the main trend-line.

However, as i am looking the begger time frames, minor movements would be difficult to pinpoint.
The convergence of WMA 50 and 150 is very interesting, if the 150 WMA holds well, could see more upside in coming months.
6500 Break-out will be very crucial.