For those in the market, counting the days when we will get the good news of the State Funds come in. And that was answered officially through newspapers in the middle of the week. Its a tremendous overall effort by those who want the good governance to prevail. Enough is Enough. The current Finance Minister and his Team should be commended for the keen interest on uplifting the sentiments gradually. Now its the market makers to decide which way they want to proceed. Perish! complaining the State didnt offer this and that and waiting for free lunches as we use to or Develop the capital market and make it buoyant once again and bring back those glory days.
The Brokers need to do their bit as well. Unit Trusts you name it start what you have been done well in the past, to uplift the sentiments.Lets get together and bring out the best of individual talents to grow the equity market.
When the CB Governor say they are confident that debt levels are manageable, what is there to worry so much on high-debts etc.
Lets us invest in quality undervalued and well managed companies.
Also from time to time allow speculators to have their bit, as these bring varieties into equity play.
Can you have bread everyday morning for breakfast ?
So different play will bring the much needed confidence into sentiments.
This is what we want in the near term, and gradually shifting our focus onto value play and growth stocks taking that momentum to next level.
I am so happy and honored to have the company of the distinguished TEC members.

You guys have been able to identify some of the early risers in the given context.

And last but least!

Those who have been done their bit to focus the attention of the political circle and the ministry officials .... Bravo for a splendid job done thus far.

Your efforts are well reflected in current change we see in the market.

Bulls Rules....!

Long live Retailers