Hope all our members and others elsewhere are having a great time,
Yes the reports are coming out, and as we said some have done exceedingly well (HF and BPPL) and some showing improvements (TSML) and some will have challenges.
The newspapers articles are showing positive news contents compared to past periods.
is this a sign of bull market in its early stages.
In any case dont be distracted by this.

However also dont do many trades unless you are extremely careful what trades to pick.
Because the more you indulge in frequent trades the more chances you will have faulted.

So tke it easy, there are plenty of stocks that havent moved a lot, and some of the shares that had bigger moves, could have further steam (i am talking of fundamentally strong stocks)

The best is to sit back, enjoy the TEC updates by our members where you will get notified on some of the best that are yet to move stocks.

Do your analysis, do not just jump in just because X,Y or Z said so.

Investment is an Art and not a Casino so do invest wisely.

As we have said in many instances use less margins and try to avoid as much as possible.

Finally check out my new video posted yesterday on ASI thread.