We see many new accounts opening in the forum and this trend may continue, in the near future as ASI is moving up heavily. New investors with smaller capital amounts entering the market looking at specific stocks that are moving rapidly. They should understand why they are investing in the 1st place.

New Members need to think twice before trading on rumours, look at the fundamentals and invest wisely.

I call upon the seniors to fill the vacuum, so that guidance be given to new members.

Lets us open a special thread/section for the newbies, where they can frequently visit instead going through the entire forum.

This section will mold them to take up the higher responsibility of managing bigger capital, as they would have by then matured enough to undertake the biggest challenge.

They must nuture one important trait in investment, that is to avoid margin usage.

Brokers encourage margins and newbies would love as it gives enhanced credit limits, but we should be mindful of the possible consequences too.

So the floor is yours seniors, lets open a thread and give a name to it.

I am sure there will be many supportive seniors taking the lead to guide the inexperienced newbies.