For those who feel (including me), CSE has let down us over the past five years, well time has come to change our mindsets. Yes Technically ASI showing a strong reversal of what we had seen post-2015. A classic buying trend is emerging. This means sentiments are changing for the better. underlying fundamentals turning positive. This could be the beginning of a new bullish trend.
ASI 5200 to 5500 we witnessed has caused the technical indicators to turn bullish.
A possibility of further gains towards 5650 is on the cards.
However, we are at a crucial point around 5500

Last Friday was crucial to stay green.

And this week should hold and make good of its past gains of last week to reach 5600+. This will sit well then on 150 day moving average. That would be very good for the mid term+

So eyes on you ASI... Lets reach new heights for the betterment of all