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As I write this blog entry, All Share Index has moved up from its lowest 52xx to 55xx 300 points up from May 13th, 2019. Many good things have taken place and hopefully, more things are still in store with the upcoming presidential election. Yes, it's a few months away. And we could expect improved sentiments to flow through these months.

EPF entry into CSE, 50bps rate cut by CBSL, Ceiling on Deposit Rates in order to lower the lending rates, recent usd 2billion sovereign bond issuance successfully are fuelling the positive sentiments.
The CSE has been trading under 9PER and very well could rise further up giving market return to those who will invest in fundamentally strong companies.

There is plenty of shares that are yet to see significant appreciation in market price. So its worth exploring them.

ASI technically in an upward trajectory with, unless I see downside risk supported with technical indicators on the weekly time frames, i will stay bullish biase and continue to monitor the movement of the index weekly basis.

Further happy note on the daily time frame ASI is on the bullish path, and what is so good about is that the upward trajectory just started this week around 5400 levels and still in the early stage, meaning there will be much more to expect in terms of index rise.

This could be the beginning we all waited for, yes I know it could be too early, but i will believe in my technical indicators, that the journey has resumed and the Train will be leaving the station and therefore it is for you to get in or stay out.

There will be dips from time to time, and we will be not able to accurately identify these opportunities. But one thing is clear that market recovery has clearly begun.

Lets us spread the good news and stay focus, identify opportunities, help each other because this journey will be longer and we will all need to be in this together.

Good luck and Love the CSE